LLCE LITTERATURE (1ère - Terminale)
AC Legrand
Déroulé Des Activités 12 Angry Men
12 Angry Men And The Issue Of Death Penalty
1a - the 13th Amendement
1b- Awaiting Death row – source 2016,
1c- death penalty information centre 2021 Year Report
1d- Death Row and Innocence
2- Blind Justice : knowing more about Lady Justice
3a- Supreme court explained:
Video 1: The United States Supreme Court Explained In 2 Minutes
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3a- Supreme court explained:
Video 2: How Does The US Court System Work?
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3b- jury’s role video 2: The jury's role in a court trial - The Law in Your Life (by Éducaloi)
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Film Vocabulary Pdf
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Annexe 1 - Juror