LLCE LITTERATURE (1ère - Terminale)
AC Legrand
Tableaux Co Ce Final
Unit 1 Slow Descent In Dystopia
Tâche Finale Slow Descent In Dystopia
1a drawing 2: utopia vs dystopia
1a- Drawing 1utopia vs dystopia
1c- Utopia by Sir Thomas More | Summary
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1d- Utopia Island by More (illustration)
2a- Society and dystopia: Divergent
2b- Hunger Games, Cornucopia scene, movie by Gary
Ross, 2012
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2c- Fighting to survive, Suzanne Collins, Hunger Games, 2008
The 50 Best Dystopian Movies of All Time
That dystopian movies have become a genre all their own speaks to our fears of the future. We remain captivated by stories of societies gone wrong and the struggle of individuals to overcome. Here are the best dystopian films of all time.
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Timeline dystopia
manuel LLCE p 71- suggestion livres, film
Mind-Blowing Dystopian Books for Middle Grade Readers | Brightly
Once your middle grade reader picks up these mind-blowing dystopian books, they won’t be able to put them down.
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reminder comparison
Broaden Your Vocabulary Dystopia
Bareme The Giver- doc 3a
annexe 3b: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World summary
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Annexe 3
"Mustapha Mond! The Resident Controller for Western Europe! One of the Ten World Controllers. One of the Ten. and he sat down on the bench with the D.H.C., he was going to stay, to stay, yes, and actually talk to them." (Huxley, 2002). Authoritarianism "They’ll grow up with what
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