LLCE LITTERATURE (1ère - Terminale)
AC Legrand
Unit 6 Dreaming Of A Better World
1a-Freedom of Speech, 1941
1b-Girl with a Black Eye, 1953
1c-The Runaway, 1956
1d-New Kids in the Neighborhood, 1967
2a-Christina’s world, Andrew Wyeth, 1948
2b- Bums In The Attic
2c- Arrested
3a- Dreams
3b- Not for Lads, Melvin Burgress, Billy Elliot (2001)
Broaden your vocabulary: Dream Idioms
annexe 2b- voc + traduction Arrested
Annexe 3a- voc et traduction Dreams
annexe : manuel p 93
Annexe 3b- Billy Elliot