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AC Legrand
Déroulé Des Activités Help, Don'T Hurt
UNIT 2- Help Don'T Hurt
Tf Help, Don'T Hurt.
1a- Anti Bullying Quotes
1b- what? (manuel Sparks 2nde, Belin education)
1c- why? (manuel Sparks 2nde, Belin education)

2a- What is Cyber Bullying
2b- CyberBullying: Worse Than Traditional Bullying
3a- Netflix posters: 13 reasons why
3b-Thirteen Reasons Why, Jay Asher, 2007
3a-b: vocabulary who's next
3b- Vocabulary 13 reasons why (text) (Sparks 2nde)
Vocabulary - Who are you (Sparks 2nd - Belin)
How to deal with Cyber Bullying - - vocabulary (sparks 2nd)